stock photo of woman handing off keys in front of car free car delivery across western canada

Free Car Delivery in Cranbrook, BC

You have probably ordered plenty of things online before. Whether you are more used to ordering food, electronics, clothes, or a myriad of internet wonders from a website, you probably have not ordered a car before. You may have ordered a trip from a ride sharing service or even a taxi, but have you bought a car and had it delivered to your home for you? If that sounds too good to be true, read on and learn how you can buy a car and get it delivered with no delivery charge!

How to Buy a Car Online from Cranbrook Kia

Buying a car online begins with deciding where to buy it from. Since you already know Cranbrook Kia, start here. Browse our inventory of Kia vehicles and preowned cars whenever you want, night or day. We even have research pages dedicated to some of your favorite models you can use to learn more about what you are interested in.

Which Kia SUV Should I Buy?

When you have your mind made up on a model, go to the Finance tab on any page of our website and select “Online Credit Approval.” Fill out this form, and you will be contacted by a representative when your credit is approved. Then, follow the steps and you will have purchased your car sooner than you ever thought possible.

How to Get Free Car Delivery at Cranbrook Kia

When you have finished the purchase process, you can sit back and relax, because as long as you elect for free delivery and provide an address in western Canada, it will be delivered to you. When your car arrives, it will be wiped down and cleaned for your health and safety. Then, your car key will be brought to you and it’s yours!

2020 Kia Forte driving downhill grey paint showing front and some of passenger doors
2020 Kia Sportage parked by beach surfboards unloading

What Kia Vehicles Are Available at Cranbrook Kia?

When you shop at Cranbrook Kia you can choose from the efficient Kia Forte or Forte5, the compact Rio and Rio 5-door, the grand Kia Sedona, the new Kia Seltos, the beautiful Kia Sorento, the trendy Kia Soul, the daring Kia Sportage, and the exciting Kia Stinger. Find your next favorite today!