close up of warning lights on dashboard near rpm gauge

What Do The Lights on My Dashboard Mean?

There’s a strange mix of confusion and a hint of fear in just about everyone’s mind when new light shows up on their car dashboard when they have no idea what it means. There are a few that most of know by experience, but very few people can tell what they mean with just a simple glance. Continue reading for some explanations for some of the most common dashboard lights.

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What Do These Common Dashboard Lights Mean?

kia battery charge warning light

Battery Charge: This light looks like a car battery, complete with terminals, and the negative and positive markings. Simply enough, this means your battery is not charging up or not holding a charge for long. It might be time for a new one.

Oil Pressure: Your car needs oil to keep parts moving. This light means your oil levels are too low or something is causing your car to lose oil pressure. You should at least get more oil if you can. If that doesn’t solve the problem, take your car in.

kia oil pressure light
kia engine temperature light

Engine Temperature: This image is confusing, but it is meant to look like a thermometer. The squiggly lines underneath should make you think of coolant because if this light is on, you might need more engine coolant, or you may have fan malfunctions or a coolant leak.

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Tire Pressure: This one looks like an exclamation point in a big letter “U” that has ridges on the bottom of it. This represents a tire with low tire pressure. Check your tire pressure because you may have a low or a flat. This often shows up after sudden drops in outside air temperature.

Kia tire pressure warning light
kia check engine warning light

Check Engine: This light represents an engine. It’s a common light because it is used to indicate a wide range of problems. Your service technician can tell you exactly what it means and address the problem. Don’t ignore it like most are tempted to. It might be a quick fix and you can have your peace of mind back.

Traction Control: If something is wrong with your traction controls system, this light will show up. It looks like a car swerving on the road, which should convince you to go get your car checked out quick.

kia traction control warning light

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