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  • Mansfield McKinnon

    My battery was dead and was not sure what to do. Went to the service department and met Eric. He took great care of me and got me in right away. New battery and I was on my way. Thank you Eric you are awesome!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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  • Wendy Reis

    Well for the past two years I have had the great pleasure of dealing with Cody Fraser at Cranbrook Mitsubishi. Traded in my Mazda which was purchased from Cranbrook Kia, went to look at a used Dodge Charger, test drove oh I don’t know probably 6 or 8 different cars, suvs and nothing fit!!! Cody said: how do feel about new? He got me into a brand [...]

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  • Mike Waddell

    I am not a happy customer with Kia they call me that they can help me out with making my payments cheaper. To be honest if you guys are calling me that you guys want my vechicle but you guys cant help me out. Just a waste of time of my time and Kias time. If you guys keep calling me that you guys want my car well help me out then or if you guys cant [...]

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